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a go board with many pieces

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this site will alow you to learn to play the japanese game of go, i've read Hikaru no go, by Yumi Hotta, and i was inspired to learn to learn go. and i want to teach all you to play this fantastic game as well. thank you for visiting. you can help me by giving me suggestions or posts, please!

Shedding some light on the game.Edit

go is a japanese game played since the Zhou Dynasty, 1000 BC.

the literal meaning is "surround game."

black stone player always goes first,

The age range for begginers is about age 3 so your children (if they want) can also play go with you.

the skills required to play this game is: tactics, strategy, and observation.

a traditional go board is 19 x 19 grid board but a go boards grid pattern can be 100 x 100 or 3 x 3, but it can't be different nubers like: 1x 2 or 1 x 5.

the most players are 2, but for more advanced players you could play as many as 5 games at once!

a casual game play can be between 20 - 90 minutes, a tournamet can be 1 - 6 hours long, some pro games can take up to 16 hours!

an idea of a go match.

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